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Tannery industry is not a high pollution industry    Date:2018-01-25
In addition to the negative reports of the media, the traditional concept of "taking it for granted" is the main reason for this misunderstanding. People''s prejudices and disgust are mainly caused by the pollution of the tanning industry and the dirty, stinky and tired stereotypes of the tanneries. Especially the "bad" China had "which Two heads are better than one", except that the tanning industry is a profession, need wisdom and wisdom, reflecting the people since ancient times on the leather have "smelly" thought.
Over the past few decades in the tanning industry and other industries does exist the problem of environmental pollution, but the pollution emissions accounted for only 0.47% of the total emissions, while the total output value accounted for 2% of the national leather industry, exports accounted for 4% of the country, in this sense, the environmental costs in exchange for 2% - 0.47% 4% the social benefits that leather pollution is not more serious than other industries, in the light industry ranked in papermaking and food, ranked third, far as "people think the business for the first time" status.
There are different situations in different times about the environmental hygiene or dirty odor of the tanneries. Do not evade, in leather history, the working environment was indecent, ground workshop dirty, smelly, but this phenomenon in the leather industry in the process of modernization, has been gradually improved, the scale of investment in the tens of millions of yuan of medium-sized tannery and leather enterprises into the modern management program has been basically does not exist dirty rotten phenomenon. Besides, the smell and poison must not be equated. Something with fragrance is not necessarily toxic to human body, such as organic solvent banana water, which has pleasant smell, but it has great toxicity to the body. The odor of the leather factory is mainly the amino acid decomposition of the amino acid of the protein. After the decomposition of amino acids, it is stinky, but it is very toxic to the human body. It can not be treated equally with the fragrant banana water. For a hundred years, the leather industry in the world has never had a occupational disease, which is a proof of the impact of the production environment of the leather factory on the human body.
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